Overcoming Self-Doubt to Increase Sales

Because of the potential for both high risk and high rewards, business is a very instinctive endeavor. Concepts like thinking with your gut and trusting your instincts become very real when trying to judge who to invest trust and resources in. Being self-assured is one of the primary ways to gain customer trust and increase your sales. Unfortunately, that casual air of confidence is hard to achieve for the thousands of people in every city who suffer from self-doubt. Self-doubt saps your ability to proudly represent your products and makes customers wonder if you doubt the quality of your own pitch, costing you potential sales at every turn. If you’re ready to leave doubt behind and become the sales guru you know you can be, take our advice and try these simple doubt-defeating tips:

1. Treat Yourself with Respect

Self-doubt is there to stop you from feeling confident about yourself or anything that you do. Every action you take, your doubt second-guesses whether or not it was a good idea. This is a form of undermining and that little voice is treating you with incredible disrespect. Every time you think ‘maybe I can’t do this’, imagine if someone else had said it. You wouldn’t take it from a stranger, so don’t take that kind of back-talk from yourself either. The first and best way to deal with internal doubt is to fix your self-talk and treat yourself with more respect, from the inside out.

2. Look How You Want to Feel

Humans are incredibly responsive to appearance, and the way you view yourself matters too! If you have trouble feeling sleek and capable, make yourself look cool first. Don’t just comb your hair, add a little gel to the mix and style it in a new and professional way. Instead of the ‘same old work clothes’ choose something snappy. If you only have a few nice options in your closet, that could easily be part of the problem! When you look and feel your best, customers will be able to tell and will think “Now here’s someone who’s got their act together” and they will be right.

3. Speak Clearly and Boldly

What’s a sales pitch without confident, clear speech? Practice clear diction and speak boldly on the topics you know well. When judging someone for trustworthiness, a steady gaze and a confident way of speaking are considered top indicators of honesty and capability. If you have a passion for your products and want your customers to know about it, tell them in a strong, positive manner and they are much more likely to believe in you and what you can offer them.

4. Reach Out to Your Clients

Now that you have begun to reinvent yourself, it’s time to build stronger connections. Seek out new clients and rekindle relationships with preexisting ones. Clients who knew you before will be amazed at your positive change in demeanor while new clients will immediately trust you and want to be ‘on your team’. Altogether, by conquering your self-doubt and taking charge of your business life, you can massively increase your sales and relationships with your customers.

Self-doubt doesn’t have to rule your life. Simply by taking charge of your behaviors and inner dialogue you can quickly begin to treat yourself with more respect, dress for success, develop a more confident manner of speaking and build stronger client connections. Through a combination of motivation, confidence, and hard work your sales are sure to see significant improvements. For more helpful advice on increasing your personal performance and relationship with your clients, check out a few of our other articles!

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