Recommending The Annuity Consultants

Stephani Lucas is a prominent resource to advisors who are serious about providing superior solutions to their clients. As a Fixed and Index annuities specialist, Stephani shares her in depth knowledge of the benefits and particulars of competing annuity contracts. Stephani has knowledge of, and access to Major Insurance Carriers at meaningful levels of contact. These qualities separate Stephani from any other annuity specialist that I have worked with in my 40+ years in business.

Neil G. McAuliffe

Stephani Lucas and The Annuity Consultants offers Financial Advisors a fantastic array of Products to offer their clientele, but more importantly they offer strategic business initiatives to help Financial Advisors build their respective business. If you are a Financial Advisor, YOU MUST talk with Stephani Lucas and her team at The Annuity Consultants.

Brendan M. Bracken, Peoples Mortgage

If you want to accelerate your business growth, study Stephani Lucas. Watch the way she identifies resources and delivers an ongoing stream of high value content to her clients and prospects. Look at the way she transcends the promotion of her products and services to help her clients achieve their desired outcomes. Observe how she positions herself as an industry leader by engaging experts like me–someone who helps financial advisors build business relationships with doctors–to support her clients. That’s how to put your business growth on the fast track.

Dr. Vicki Rackner

Changing World… Falling interest rates… Unbridled expectations… In the pressure cooker of real world business it’s important to have REAL POWER in your corner! For me, the ladies at The Annuity Consultants are my competitive edge. Under the leadership of Stephani Lucas, I can be sure to have the whole industry within my own control – providing just the edge I need to make my annuity business both efficient AND profitable!

Anonymous, Industry Business Owner