About Us

Who we are

We don’t sell products—we’re here to teach and guide you.

At TACT,  we believe knowledge is the most important tool when it comes to planning for the future. We take pride in our deep knowledge, extensive experience, and heart-centered planning mindset, and we put those values into practice in every interaction. We practice meditation and mindfulness to guide our vision to better serve you.

Our vision is to bring as much love and compassion to the insurance and financial industry through our Heart Centered Planning Series, and teaching agents and advisors to love and care more deeply for themselves. We live our purpose every day because we believe it’s essential for your success.

Our goal

Our primary goal is to educate you on the value of fixed annuities and life insurance for wealth building and income planning. We take pride in knowing you and your business, and we build an individualized plan to help connect you with qualified prospects.

What we offer

As fixed/index annuity and life insurance specialists, we give you access to our industry knowledge, and we provide you with access to major insurance carriers.

We also provide marketing services, so we can assist you in building a custom plan to help you generate leads, build your community, and close sales. Also, we specialize in more than annuities. We offer multiple carriers for life, disability, long-term care, and asset-based long-term care.

We aren’t a one-stop shop, but if you need something we don’t have, we can certainly point you in the right direction. So, no matter whether you’re looking for the perfect solution for your client or the best way to bring in new business, TACT is here to help.