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Many financial advisors are interested in ways to use email marketing to increase leads, but there are many small details to email marketing that can make or break your open and click-through rates. Here are some strategies you can start using today.

Use your prospect’s first name. Most e-marketing platforms have a personalization feature which allows you to address people by their first names. Studies show that if a person sees his first name in the subject line of an email, he’s more likely to open it. Furthermore, if a person sees his name in the body of the email, he is less likely to unsubscribe.

Be important/urgent. Subject lines and content that is time sensitive (i.e., “webinar starts in one hour”) and important to the reader are more likely to get opened and read. Give your emails the appearance of urgency from time to time to improve results.

Make it mysterious. Create a sense of curiosity by using questions and incomplete sentences in the subject line and body of an email. For example, instead of saying “Twitter is the #1 social platform for advisors,” ask “What is the #1 social platform for advisors?”

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