3 social-media ailments (and their cures)

In the financial world, every opportunity has its risks, and the same is true of social media marketing. Here are three social-media marketing pitfalls and how to overcome them:

1. Negative comments. Of course a business as fine as yours is never deserves a negative comment. However, there may come a day when someone posts something negative about you on your Facebook wall, comments on a blog post you’ve written, criticizes you via Twitter, etc.

What to do: Upon seeing these comments, you may feel inclined to lash back or click “delete,” but this is a bad idea. Instead, take the high road and respond with poise and maturity. Promptly (within 24 hours) acknowledge the negative feedback and offer a resolution to the issue. If the situation is too complex for social media, offer an email address or phone number where you can be reached. Remember: on social media, everyone silently eavesdrops on everything you say. It is of paramount importance to make a good impression.

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