Tips to Attract Younger Clients

Whether you are an agent, broker, investment adviser, or an agency, you may start to realize that your clients are getting older. You may end up losing some due to old age.

Because of this, part of the time, you need to focus on attracting younger clients. Here are some tips to help!

Don’t discriminate against the younger crowd

Too many agents, brokers, investment advisors, and agencies, prefer to work with older (and wealthier) clients, skipping right over the younger crowd. However, that is a mistake.

Your younger crowd will grow up to get better jobs, buy homes, start families, and start to think about their future. If you don’t get them when they are young, they may find someone else to help them throughout the years.

Offer services that younger clients want and need 

Your younger clients are not thinking about the future and retirement. Planning for their future and buying life insurance is not the first thing on their mind.

Because of this, you might want to sell renter’s insurance, as well as have many options for health insurance. Most younger people fresh out of college have debt. They don’t have the money (or a good income) to buy a home.

Make sure that you focus on your customer service 

By offering the highest quality customer service, you are guaranteeing that you have satisfied clients. These clients refer you and your business, getting you more business.

While this was always important, it is even more important. More and more people are asking for referrals before they do anything, from buying products to working with professionals.

Make sure that you focus on the benefits 

If you want to sell life insurance to people who have their whole life ahead of them, you need to focus on the benefits. You can’t be all doom and gloom, talking about death.

Instead, let them know about all of the other things that they can use their life insurance policy for including college, their mortgage, and just more.

It is also a good idea to let them know that the earlier that they start a policy, the cheaper it will be. It is much easier to adjust your policy than get one later in life.

Get Social (media that is) 

Your younger clients have been online and surrounded by technology their whole life. They live on social media sites so you need to be where they are. Create at least one or two social media profiles so that you can reach younger clients.

Be Available 

You need to be available to your clients, during business hours and after. More businesses are offering customer service twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. It can be hard to compete with that, so you should do everything that you can to ensure that you are available to your clients when they need you.

Social media helps with this. As long as you respond to comments and messages, you are staying in contact with your clients.

Make sure that your office is set up for the younger crowd 

You want your clients to be happy while they are waiting. Not only should your office be warm and inviting, you may want to upgrade to more comfortable chairs. Offering free Wi-Fi, drinks, and snacks can also make people of all ages happier.


In closing, though you may not be thinking about gaining younger clients, the truth is that they will eventually grow older and want your services. For this reason, you should try to make them loyal clients as soon as possible. One way to do this is by offering them the services that they want and need. You should also focus on your customer service and the benefits of the policies that you offer.

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