The Top 5 Things That Drive People To Your Website

Website Traffic – You Want It!

Website traffic is a must. A revamped site can provide a great user experience, but only if it draws people in. You may wonder how consumers end up on your site, surveying your services, and (hopefully) submitting their information. Here are five things that drive people to your website.


Search engine optimization can involve some complex elements. But, the basic idea is that when a consumer searches a topic or service, you are positioned to appear high up in the list. This is determined by the quality and relevance of your content. For this reason, having a fully developed menu of services and a content strategy is so important to your overall web presence.

Are there services your company specializes in? Creating showcase content around your specialty can help you rank on unique terms and distinguish your company from competitors.

Email Marketing

With a targeted email distribution, you can directly bring consumers to specific sections of your website. Maybe it’s to check out your latest blog. Maybe it’s to review a special offer. Whatever the case, email marketing is very effective at engaging clients and prospects (it’s actually what brought you to this article). Certainly, there’s a whole list of best practices to get the most out of your email marketing funnel.  Not having one in the first place or to have one that isn’t nurtured properly is leaving money on the table.


There are so many different ways to advertise your business. However, we can generally break advertising into two modes: direct and ambient. In a direct mode, there’s a specific offer or call to action involved.  Examples are: get a free report, learn about x topic, and so forth. In an ambient mode, the focus is more on building brand awareness. This is done by presenting the range of services you provide. Both modes are important to developing a strong client base and driving traffic to your site.

Directory Listings

Accurate and updated information in directories such as Google My Business, Yelp, and so forth help to highlight your firm as a prospect researches their needs. These platforms generally go beyond basic business details. They allow you to include blurbs on services, thorough mission statements, photos, and even short posts.

Social Syndication

A good content strategy will include syndication. Whether you go a paid route (paid boosting on Facebook for instance) or rely on an organic audience, you can get more from your articles and posts by sharing into relevant groups. A good tool is LinkedIn. It has many groups centered around professional and business topics.


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