5 Marketing Resources You May Not Know You Already Have

A good advisor is always on the hunt for new clients and marketing opportunities. And it can seem like every day there is some new program to try—fintech, exclusive lead gen funnels, alternative marketing concepts, etc. While many of these can prove to be effective for the needs of your practice, some can involve significant time and money. However, there are a few resources you already have that can be leveraged. Things such as…

1. Prospect Lists
Over the course of building your practice, you likely have a warm prospect list. These are the consumers that you’ve had some level of contact with, but haven’t had a chance to convert. You can take this list of consumers and build a drip pipeline with contact specifically tailored to them. You may not convert prospects right away, but this gives you a marketing channel that can basically run in the background, while you focus on other activities. It may require a bit of organization, effort, and thought to properly establish a prospect marketing channel, but once you have it done you now have another funnel that you can build on with little work. Already have something like this? Take a look at your list, evaluate its success, and see if it needs to be refreshed with new contacts.

2. Current Clients
Advisors know that current clients can generate other planning opportunities, but how many actually leverage their current book of business? This is why low-effort marketing activity—such as holiday and birthday messages—throughout the year is helpful to keep you in front of consumers. But also consider the impact of the annual review. Financial professionals often tell consumers how important periodic reviews of financial plans are, but focus their attention on new clients. Keep your current book engaged with messages throughout the year and send anniversary reminders to draw up review opportunities.

For Example:

Congratulations [CLIENT NAME],

Your Financial Plan is one year old today!

A lot can happen in a year. New jobs. Marriage. New child.

As part of our dedicated service to you, we would like to schedule an annual financial check-up to make sure everything is still on track to meet your objectives. Give us a call at XXX-XXX-XXXX and let’s get something on the books.

Thank you,

[Your Name]

Better yet, you could establish the annual review at the initial appointment and then send reminders as the date approaches.

3. LinkedIn
LinkedIn is a great resource for professionals like financial advisors. More formal than Facebook or Twitter, LinkedIn presents itself as the social network for professional connections. Obviously, one way to use LinkedIn for marketing is to syndicate content and participate in relevant groups. But there is another way to leverage LinkedIn for your business: exporting your growing list of connections. Contact us for help with this process. You can add this list to your base email marketing campaigns.

4. Carrier Marketing Material
Most carriers will have a small library of material available through their agent portals. These pieces may be producer guides about specific products, but there will likely be general, high-level concept information that can be used for a variety of purposes. These concept documents can be re-shaped and used as items in your e-marketing channels or given directly to consumers at appointments. Stay away from pieces that are too sales-y and product heavy. Instead focus more on basic information (retirement basics, life insurance overview, etc.) Include a branded letter from you that explains what the consumer is receiving.

For example:



I am giving you this piece from one of the insurance carriers I work with. Based on what we discussed in our appointment, you might benefit from this high-level overview of retirement planning. Please let me know if you have any questions. I’ll reach out to you soon.



5. Yourself
The biggest resource in your firm is not a new lead-gen program, sophisticated quoting software, or high-quality deliverables (although these are important). No, the biggest resource your business has is yourself. If you work in the business planning realm, you are familiar with this concept. Consider how you are or aren’t leveraging your experience, knowledge, and expertise. Do you have a specific approach or specialized knowledge than not only would appeal to your target base, but also distinguish you from your competitors?

If so, how can you highlight this? Here are a few ways to do so:

  • Clearly identify designations, specialties, and experience in bios (don’t brag, but be proud)
  • Build your brand around the specialty or area of focus
  • Create marketing collateral based on your approaches, experience, and specialties.

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