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Most financial planners would advise you to diversify your portfolio.  I rely on my advisor to recommend the majority of what I invest in.  As a consumer I am still very involved and want to know what my portfolio consists of.  I believe if you are not involved in understanding where your monies are invested its not totally the advisors fault when your portfolio is under performing.  Clearly market conditions dictate most of the performance but its still your responsibility to be sure you’ve done the home work before saying yes to where your money is allocated.

Recently, my younger brother Jared Lucas presented me with an opportunity to invest in a local brewery called Black Plague.  Those of you that know me know that I don’t drink, I’ve been sober more than 4 years.  What I do know is Americans love beer, so this was a no brainer.  Not only do I truly believe in my brother, but I believe in Americas consumption of alcohol… lol.  They drink when they are happy, sad and well celebrating every occasion.  Basically, they make reasons to drink so why would I not want to profit from this fascination?

Black Plague is the newest gem in the Oceanside, CA area! You’ll walk in feeling a sense of community and love in every aspect of your experience. From the detail in the decor, beautiful bartenders and not to mention the guests! What a beautiful place! I love grassroots movements and this is one happening right here in my own backyard! Oh, did I mention they have some amazing beers on tap too? I don’t drink, but from what I understand everything on tap is approachable. The Atra Mors is a double IPA that is 9.1%(if I remember correctly) and you’d never know it based off the taste (from what I’m told), which makes it pretty dangerous in a good way;)..  The 1347 IPA is a smooth easy drinking 7% and seems to be a hit amongst the guys and gals.

On 5/5 I attended the beer release party with my boyfriend Jason Waters and assistant Roxy Caballero.  We wanted to see what these amazing humans had created.   The beer release party was for the 1347 IPA, but Black Plague had a little trick up their sleeve and had 4 beers tapped. Two of which were lighter, but still very flavorful, heavy delights. The German Kölsch style beer is called the “Remedium” which is a Latin word that translates to “the cure”.

After seeing what partners Jodan Hoffart, Jarred Doss and Terry Little created after so many months of blood, sweat and tears I was convinced this was a fantastic decision on my part.  This brewery is one of thousands popping up around the country.  What they have that I have not seen in any other brewery is a sense of community. They chose a location large in size to allow for their vision to grow into. Rather than what some competitors might do when opening a small business like buying a space more affordable or comfortable to their plan. So many people were involved in making this happen.  My hat goes of to those that donated their time and creativity to the process.  They didn’t have to do anything, but they did because they know what a success this venture is about to become!  Their families and friends will benefit and they can say they were a part of something that’s going to be huge.  I am humbled to have been included in getting this going.  Our society has become so disconnected due to many reasons, but when I see how this brewery has brought so many people together it gives me hope that things can and will get better.

So, the next time you decide to invest try to think about what kind of difference that money will make in the community and in the lives of those around you.  If we are more conscious of our decisions this world would be a better place.  I’m here to tell you doing for others will make you happier and more fulfilled in so many ways.  I am so stoked to bring this delicious beer to the masses.  How are you making this world a better place?

Visit BLACK PLAGUE Brewing 2550 Jason Court Oceanside, CA the next time you’re in town!

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