A 5-Step Guide to Facebook Ads

Have you ever noticed the ads on the right side of your Facebook homepage? I bet it seems like they are directed to you and your interests, right? This is no accident. The efficiency of Facebook ads is made possible by Facebook’s Reaching and Targeting Initiative, which captures specific profile information and ensures your ad reaches the right audience.

Eureka! This means that Facebook, the social networking giant, has given you the opportunity to advertise your brand to millions of consumers online with precise targeting.

Why should you use Facebook ads? In case you missed the memo, there are nearly 1 billion people worldwide on Facebook. Each month, those billions of connections form a digital map of people’s real-world networks of family, friends, co-workers, hobbies and even products.

For an advertiser, profile data is a gold mine for reaching customers. User profiles outline important demographics such as status updates, birthdays, occupations, hobbies, location and relationship status. Because Facebook ads can access this information, you can target exactly the right people.

As an advisor, you may be looking to reach engineers 55 and older who like to travel, play golf and live within a 20-mile radius. Facebook can put your targeted message in front of these people. It eliminates the guessing games and puts an end to wasting money by reaching the wrong audience. This opportunity is way too good to pass up, so let’s get started.

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