Eight Principles To Attract The Clients You Want

We’ve all seen the headlines and ads claiming there is a secret to success, top tips promising they will grow your business and ensure financial gain. But nine times out of 10, these promises are empty gimmicks, or they involve more effort than they’re worth. In order to see any real results, you must buy a product or service, add more funds to your already tight budget, grow your team or learn a new skill.

But what if you could grow your business without buying anything at all? In fact, what if you already had all the tools you needed to succeed? Every agent and advisor already possess the skills they need to be successful. It’s just a matter of looking within.

In business, we tend to operate from the analytical part of our minds, not our hearts. If more agents and advisors would lead from their hearts, their businesses could change dramatically. If you’re doing the right things for the right reasons, the money will follow. Our motivation should stem from how we can positively impact others, be the best versions of ourselves and focus on serving our clients.

So where do you start? These eight principles have transformed my personal life and my business, and I recommend them to all agents and advisors seeking more fulfillment in business.

1) Stay grounded

First and foremost, it’s important to stay centered and grounded. In business, challenging issues arise that can trigger an emotional response. A difficult client, a stressful meeting, an impending deadline — all of these are examples of stressful situations agents and advisors face regularly.

When an emotional reaction starts to arise, it can be difficult to get past it and see the situation for what it really is. Staying grounded and having a practice that helps you maintain a level of calmness allows you to not only diffuse the feelings of the moment, but it also allows you to remain levelheaded to make sound decisions and offer solid advice for your clients.

A few simple ways to stay grounded? Slow down. Take deep breaths. Get some fresh air. Meditate. Exercise. These practices take only a few minutes but make a world of difference.

2) Practice a growth mindset

Sometimes it’s all about perspective. Do you focus on the negatives more than the positives? If you could achieve anything, what would it be? Start focusing on what could be possible for your business rather than dwelling on the obstacles and setbacks.

Practicing a growth mindset shifts the focus from scarcity to abundance. When you focus on immediate gain all the time, other possibilities may go past you unnoticed. Instead, look forward to what you want to achieve, and envision the clients you’d like to attract — even if it doesn’t seem possible right now. Leaders who have an abundance mindset focus on future possibilities and see everything as an opportunity. Refuse to settle for mediocrity. It is important to stay present and be able to visualize and feel as though you already have achieved your desired outcome.

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