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Financial Professionals Top Online Resources – A Baker’s Dozen – UPDATED

The internet plays a role in the lives of almost every American. I bet that you check your emails, watch Youtube, buy/trade stocks, and even read the current news. All of this on a mobile device.  In other words, the digital presence in our lives is on a fast moving train with no end in sight.

The financial services industry has been slow to adapt to the digital world.  Certainly, the life insurance and annuity sector.  The good news is that in the last several years, there has been monumental leaps taken in terms of new sites and digital developments.

Back in November of 2012, I wrote a similar article (see bottom of page).  We have had some new players in the space.  In addition, there has been mergers of companies and some that no longer exist.  It’s time to update your list for the top online resources going into 2019!  I have provided a little bit more information about each site. Likewise, I have included our advocacy groups that play a huge part in this industry.   The following list shows my personal favorites as the most influential and important websites for insurance marketing and educational resources.  The below list is in no particular order.

The List

  1. Think AdvisorNEW TO LIST – Site provides comprehensive coverage of the products, services and trends.  Information to guide clients in making critical wealth, health and life decisions.   Topics cover wealth management, technology, policy, and professional developments.  Topics are offered through several mediums.  LifeHealthPro is part of their site that is focused on news, tips, commentary and analysis.  This content is related to the insurance markets.
  2. Insured Retirement Institute – A leading financial services trade association for the retirement income industry. IRI provides a wealth of educational, research, advocacy, and tech benefits to its members.
  3. LifeHappens – A nonprofit organization dedicated to helping Americans take personal financial responsibility through the ownership of life insurance and related products.  This includes disability and long-term care insurance.  The goal is to educate the public with a wide range of communications tactics.  This includes advertising, consumer-media outreach, educational program, public-service announcements, informational flyers, videos, and a wide range of online/social-media communications.  Lastly, industry-wide awareness campaigns.
  4. Annuity 123 – Annuity123 is dedicated to providing Americans with unbiased information about retirement, answering the tough questions.  Hundreds of articles on every type of retirement planning topic.
  5. WinkEXPANSION OF ANNUITY SPECS – Provides competitive intelligence tools to life insurance and annuity home offices, distributors, sales professionals, and consulting firms.  Committed to the advocacy of the life insurance industry.  Wink spends a great deal of time educating the public, media outlets, regulators, and legislators on life insurance and annuity products.  In addition, their markets, sales, and distribution.
  6. Advantage Compendium – Providing a unique blend of quantitative & qualitative original research and analysis on annuities and retirement income for insurance companies, banks and financial firms. Jack Marrion, the annuity guru, official website.
  7. NAIFANEW TO LIST – An organization serving and representing insurance and financial advisors with a focus on protecting your business, growing your business, and promoting ethical business conduct. NAIFA advocates at both the state and federal level on issues that affect the well-being of both your clients’ assets as well as your own advisor business.
  8. LIMRANEW TO LIST – A worldwide research, learning and development organization.  It is the trusted source of industry knowledge for over 850 financial services firms. LIMRA provides its members with the latest insight and analysis on retirement, insurance and distribution.  Above all, they do this by helping them develop effective business strategies that positively impact the bottom line.
  9. AnnuityFYINEW TO LIST – A resource for learning about, comparing, and selecting the most competitive annuities.  Moreover, they are devoted to educating investors and financial professionals about annuities.
  10. Annuity Rate Watch – NEW TO LIST –  A comprehensive fixed indexed and fixed annuity database currently monitoring over 1,400 products from over 80 carriers. Furthermore, they offer a suite of products to support brokers, registered reps, financial planners, banks, broker-dealers, IMO’s, FMO’s and carriers.
  11. Insurance New Net – NEW TO LIST – A site that informs insurance and financial professionals by delivering comprehensive news, original insights and valuable education. Award-winning editorial and design to results-oriented marketing and strategy.  Everything is focused on helping advisors run their practice and increase their bottom line.
  12. Insurance ForumsNEW TO LIST – The world’s largest insurance forum with close to 75,000 members.  Discussions on life insurance, annuities, health, P&C, and practice management.  Articles on sales and marketing.  Continuing Education and E&O offering.
  13. Institute of Business & Finance  – Certified Annuity ConsultantNEW TO LIST – This designation has been around since 2006 and is the first of its kind in the industry.  It helps agents/advisors to capitalize on opportunities.  The intermediate-to-advanced course, will develop a strong working knowledge of traditional fixed-rate, equity-indexed, and variable annuities.  In addition, an understanding of  annuity contracts, titling options, living benefits, compound interest, unnecessary taxes, and litigation issues.  In addition, the site also contains a great amount of articles written by advisors for advisors.


  1. LifeHealthPro – Most comprehensive site for life and health producers
  2. Insured Retirement Institute – The go-to source for high quality retirement and annuity research
  3. LifeHappens – The leading resource for everything life insurance
  4. WSJ Smart Money – Great site for unbiased “money content” in the “Retirement Section”
  5. Annuity 123 – First ever baby boomer and retirement income specialist matching service
  6. Producers Web – Top website for financial professionals to post articles, blogs, and sales ideas – NO LONGER AN ACTIVE SITE
  7. Sheryl Moore – Annuity Specs – “The indexed expert” with information on everything indexed
  8. Advantage Compendium – Jack Marrion, the annuity guru, official website
  9. AdvisorOne – Most comprehensive educational and research site for financial advisors – NOW PART OF THINKADVISOR
  10. Annuity Think Tank – Over 100 retirement and annuity white papers – PURCHASED BY LMS RETIREMENT SERVICES


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