Sales Idea – KEEP IT SIMPLE – Profiling New Annuity Buyers

Sales Idea – KEEP IT SIMPLE – Profiling New Annuity Buyers

Here are some quick thoughts for the week on positioning fixed annuities to find more sales:

There are still a lot of investors who are looking for fixed options in their portfolio, and they are looking for:
• Alternatives to their CDs that are maturing
• Ways to diversify their portfolio and reduce investment risk.

Studies have shown that many prospective buyers have a negative reaction to hearing the term “Annuity”. They are much more receptive to talking about savings accounts, CDs, mutual funds, and stocks & bonds due to their familiarity.

BUT, the good news is that they were very receptive to the Concepts and Benefits provided by an annuity.

During these trying times, have more conceptual conversations in positioning an annuity sale.

Have you KEEP IT SIMPLE, and asked your clients the following 3 questions:
• Are you interested in a fixed rate of return that exceeds that of a CD?
• Would you like to have an investment in your portfolio that could provide a guaranteed lifetime income stream if necessary?
• Should we look at a product with tax-deferral as a way to lower your overall tax burden each year?

Changing the conversation will overcome the objections and drive more sales for you!

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