Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is

News Flash: The big investment houses on Wall Street and the mega no-load investment shops are all rapidly jumping into your pool of insurance products (namely, index annuities) and quickly adapting their proposals to include products with living income benefits.

Paul Revere I am not, but the Red Coats are coming!

With annual point to point cap rates on index annuities hovering near 2.5 percent and fixed annuity yields not any better, it’s time to step up, lead the pack and put your money where your mouth is. Meager returns on fixed and indexed annuities are leading investors to have a wider perspective of alternative places to invest. Hopefully, you are not solely recommending index annuities primarily as a place to stash cash or hoard money…but instead as an investment for future retirees, (baby boomers, Gen X and Y) to conservatively grow their assets to produce a future income stream.

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