The Importance of Digital Marketing for Annuity Sellers

Digital Marketing is important for all businesses. For annuity sellers, it will make a huge impact on your business if done correctly.

Recently, I was reading a piece explaining the origin of digital marketing on He made the point that the earliest form of digital marketing was when one Guglielmo Marconi displayed a “public transmission of a wireless signal” in 1896.  This led to his invention of the radio. This early form of wireless communication revolutionized the world.  Most importantly, it increased connections between Europe and the U.S. The radio would be very important in terms of keeping people informed during the two World Wars. The radio was how Presidents and Prime Ministers reassured a public during these trying times.  Times that were rocked by aggression and conflicts far from their homes that affected their economies and their household’s daily routines. After thought, I believe that we have lost touch on many levels with what it means to communicate.  Also, how this ties into how we market ourselves online as annuity sellers. This is why I take a moment here to blog on the importance of digital marketing.

What We Do for a Living

Honestly, you cannot market something unless you’re trying to get people to buy a product or a service. Alternatively, you could be marketing them concepts that support a generic brand. Ultimately your messages will attempt to convert them into buyers of something. Before we can appreciate why we should spend more time focusing on digital marketing, we must reflect on what we sell and why consumers need it.

An annuity is a financial instrument. We could think of it as a contract between a life insurance company and a consumer. The contract specifies the annual sum that the company will pay to the annuity holder. An annuity can be purchased on behalf of someone else and it could be sold to someone else under the same terms. The life insurance company makes money because it receives a consumer’s capital to invest and the annuity holder accepts the risk that the annuity will have fluctuating financial returns. As an agent selling contracts that pay off over time, we are asking consumers to bet on the future.

Remember, the client must trust that the life insurance company we represent will make good on its contract. Call me crazy, but this is a leap of faith that not everyone is willing to make. Some consumers might feel more secure putting a certificate of deposit down at a bank with the knowledge that it’s protected by the FDIC.

Why We Need Online Marketing

When I say that we need to market digitally, we need to sit down and focus on increasing the quality and quantity of our message.  This includes the text, graphics, pictures, Podcasts, videos, etc. that we post to our websites, blogs, and social media pages. We must create pieces of content that will inform readers about the various forms of annuities offered .  More importantly, explain how these will help them secure annual returns for themselves and/or their dependents. We need to explain how this kind of financial instrument stacks up against other investments. Make a case for why consumers should come to our office and sign up to invest in an annuity that only pays once per year. Help them understand why the annuity contract has an acceptable form of risk.

I could keep going on and on here but pumping up your site or blog is going to attract the attention of Google. How?  Google indexes content. Make sure to keep content clean where it is easily read by the majority of individuals.  Done correctly, when people search the Web for information on that topic, they will find your site or blog. The more that you post, the more passive marketing you will get in terms of people clicking on content and reaching your site. This type of search engine marketing is free and it works!

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