6 great ways to promote your event

As a financial advisor, you’re likely to face the day when you need to plan an event. Whether it’s a wine tasting, a holiday party, a financial seminar or a book launch party, here are six effective avenues for promoting your next event.

1) Landing page RSVP. Create a landing page with an RSVP form on it and direct people toward it. Provide details such as time, date, location, speakers, accommodations, maps and other pertinent information. Weave in calls to action and images to make it flow nicely.
2) Facebook. Create an event page with the details of your event, then invite people and see who is coming. Another creative way to market your event is to develop a cover page specifically promoting the event. This creates awareness for everyone who visits your page.
3) LinkedIn. A LinkedIn announcement is another great way to spread the message of your event. If you belong to a group on LinkedIn, go to “manage” and then “send announcement.” In the announcement, put all the details of your event and a link back to the main event webpage. (I suggest sending the announcement a few weeks in advance.)
4) Twitter. Twitter is another great platform to spread the word of your event. If you want to get PR coverage, consider @messaging local media outlets and news stations. You can also @message or direct message people you want to come or know about the event and keep people informed about new sponsors. Throughout the marketing process, ask people to re-tweet so the word can spread.

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