10 Steps to Grab Their Attention With Video

Many people want to make their LinkedIn profiles stand out from the crowd and a great way to do that is with video. One problem: LinkedIn doesn’t give you the option of uploading your own video. Fortunately, there is a work-around to get your video up and running, and it’s called “Behance Creative Portfolio Display.”

Follow these steps to take to make use of this helpful application:

Make a short video.
Upload it to YouTube or Vimeo.
Log in to LinkedIn and choose “More/Get More Applications.”
Find the “Portfolio Display” application and click on it.
At the bottom, click “Add Application.”
Create a free profile on the Behance.net website.
Create a new project.
Specify a title, upload a cover page and click “save.”
Embed your YouTube or Vimeo video into your profile and click “save.”
You’re done!
If the video does not show up on your LinkedIn profile, use the “Portfolio Display” application in LinkedIn to make sure that:

You have linked your LinkedIn account to your Behance.net account, and
You have ticked the box to display the project on your LinkedIn profile (via the Portfolio Manager screen)

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